We Celebrate Diversity

One aspect that can be considered from the point of view of any successful course is diversity in leadership. At ILM, we embrace and celebrate diversity and will continue to ensure that diversity is always established across all sectors of the organization. "We believe that diversity is not just about celebrating our differences, but to also be there for each other as family."​ CEO: Mohamed Bobson Bangura / Ashmed.

We expect every member of ILM Global to use appropriate language and acceptable behavior while communicating or interacting to maintain a healthy, peaceful and safe environment for all. Members should respect each other to promote love in the organization. This is considered imperative because it makes members feel connected and belong. Members have the freedom to share ideas and make recommendations when necessary. Together, we can create a safe and healthy environment for all.

Violence Prevention

The collective responsibility of every member of the organization is to promote a safe environment free from violence, threat, conflict, harassment, intimidation and other disruptive behavior. We consider every ILMer as a family, and we must work in a state of peace, unity and with one mindset. All reports involving workplace violence or bullying will be taken seriously and dealt with accordingly. Such behavior includes verbal or written statements, gestures or expressions that communicate a direct or indirect threat of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. Any individual involved in such acts shall be expelled (remove) from the group or organization and subject to disciplinary sanctions. Staff are no exception and must be more disciplined and tolerant. Any act of conflict initiated by a staff member shall result in the termination of position or removal from the group or the organization, depending on the gravity of the committed crime.