Conflict of Interest Prevention

One of our priorities is to make sure that every member feels included and belonged. Therefore, members are not allowed to bring information of any kind that would generate conflicts among members of the organization. Discrimination, abuse or tribal segregation of any kind are also not allowed. ILM staff members, including the general membership, should completely abstain from every conflict and engage in positive activities and discussions that illuminate the environment with peace, love, and solidarity. The organization has rules and regulations, and members are expected to comply with all that governs the organization. Staff and general members should not choose personal interest over the organization’s interest. That is, if a family member or a friend is caught in any act of conflict, one must not take sides based on sentiment or emotional basis. Members must implement the decisions that unite us, not the decisions that will separate us. Any proposed ideas or activities that are not part of the ILM’s constitution should be communicated to the CEO or any executive member for further directives and procedures. Failure to comply will leave us with no choice but to act against defaulters.