ILM Quote Competition

The art of public speaking, inspirational and motivational write-ups are key ways to strengthening and/or reviving lives that need reassurance to keep believing and to never back down despite the challenges posed by life itself. Engage in a competition that brings out that creativity within us as an individual is a great way to improve our ability and passion for writing amazing quotes and essays. It is upon this reason that the Inspirational Leadership Movement Quotes Competition (ILMQC) exists. We, therefore, encourage our valuable members to make hay while the sun shines. Know that your quote (s) can positively change the perception of people on many things.

Some Benefits

It improves one's writing skill.

It helps minimize the act of plagiarism.

It develops reasoning and critical thinking skills.

Have a far greater understanding of optimization strategies for leads

Ir reduces stress and help one to be more focused.

It inspires.

It improves one's reading skill.

It helps build confidence and gives hope.

It engages the mind with positive thoughts.

It improves our involvement in matters of development and the general outlook about leadership etc.


Every month, we reward winners with a token price ($10) as compensation for hard work and as well to motivate members to be more committed to uplifting their dreams and passion and to enhance their writing skills. During our annual event, we also award certificates to all winners of ILMQC, including other honorary awards for other purposes.

Sample Quotes