The Inspirational Leadership Movement (ILM Global) is an Independent and Apolitical Non-Governmental Organization seeking to promote Education and Socio-Economic activities. In a world where the inspiration, motivation, mentorship, and leadership of young people have attracted greater significance and attention than ever before, and the desire to contribute immensely in positively influencing our youngsters, it is against this backdrop ILM Global is formed. At ILM, everyone’s idea is crucial to the growth of the organization. Our goal is to display activities that encourage leadership qualities. We prohibit discrimination and harassment of any sort against any member on the grounds of individuals’ color, race, religion, age, disability, gender orientation, etc. and give equivalent treatment and opportunities to all. Every beneficial factor, including ILM’s free online opportunities, are shared equally with no preference among our members. Though as everyone is welcome, we expect healthy discussions and moral conduct to maintain a peaceful and welcoming environment for all.


We are a young, approachable and happy company. We come from different backgrounds and cultures, but with the same life’s beliefs and attitudes of Inspiration, motivation and collaboration for the good of humanity.

We have a team of selfless, pragmatic, loyal and dedicated individuals who put the interests of the Organization and its people above all else.

Our membership comprises talented, humble, creative and productive individuals who are willing to support the organization’s philosophy and progress. We do inspirational writings, poetry, essays, presentations, capacity-building training, debates, quotes, skits, and a lot more that can wow your experience with us. We enjoy doing all of them because the pleasure and self-fulfillment realized from positively impacting the young generation means everything to us.

As normal as it may seem, we have our own challenges that we are trying to overcome every minute of the hour because we believe they are beatable and together we will win!

In a digital world, it is difficult for some of our members to match up, especially with poor internet access in their localities. With the passion and cooperation of all, we believe we have the ability to do more and accomplish great things, as our motto represents -- INNOVATE TO MOTIVATE. 💡


Our mission is to inspire and give hope to the hopeless and to nurture leadership skills that will enable one to become a great leader of the 21st Century. At ILM, we strive as a team to identify and help solve problems affecting the educational system and society. We are united for a noble purpose. A purpose that engages in making our societies and the world a better place for all of us.

Our vision is to ensure that the dreams and aspirations of our youngsters are actualized by helping them to discover their talents and motivating them to overcome every difficulty towards achieving success.



To encourage and help our youngsters to unfold their potential and fulfill their dreams.
To engage in advocacy and promotional activities that allow us to become better leaders and people, and to promote love and oneness.
To organize academic events to promote education and address contemporary issues affecting national development. Examples of events include debate, quizzes, poetry, drama, storytelling, culture and history, seminars, discussions, and other inspired arts.
To encourage the involvement of young people in productive activities to deter (discourage) idleness, violence, gender discrimination, drug use and many other crimes affecting humanity and development.
To provide training and guidance in public discourse and effective writing to discourage fear and plagiarism. Such activities include writing quotes, audio and video recordings, research articles, and publication of inspirational writings online and offline.


As an organization, our responsibility is to help our members to achieve their dreams and aspirations. We devote more time and resources to development opportunities so that our members can be more productive and serviceable to National Development. Considering the fact that many young people are always shy of speaking English, slow in reading and writing, our organizational activities and approach will help solve these problems, including many others.

Education has more power to foster individual and national growth. Many people need education but cannot afford it because of serious financial difficulties or poor family status. We strongly believe that everyone has the right to quality education, regardless of one's status. To eliminate this burden and stress, we have invested in over 6500+ online career courses that can serve most needs. Online courses are organized by a volume of career experts around the globe. Most courses come with a certificate of completion, which members can use for various purposes. You can easily access all courses on almost every device, and the courses are absolutely FREE for all ILMers.


We enjoy presence over ten (10) different countries, including the United States, The Gambia, Liberia, Nigeria, France, Kuwait, Guinea and Sierra Leone. We have more than 5,000 members on various platforms that share what we represent as an organization. At ILM, we believe in numbers to achieve individual and organizational goals. That’s why we work on a global scale. Our membership consists of two categories, such as Executive Members and General Members. Contact +232 78 152 770 to sign up.





The success of a man doesn’t come from fear, nor what he acquires. Rather, it has to do with self-confidence, determination and hard work.

Mohamed Bobson Bangura (Ashmed)


We may all have the same talent, but our attitude towards promoting it is what makes us heroes or losers. Increased and continued efforts should be the impulses to achieving our dreams and aspirations.

A.O. Bah Jr.


Please don't give up trying to do what you want to do professionally. Where there is love and inspiration, one cannot go wrong. When challenges knock at you, hold on to faith to overcome them. Without faith, it is hard to accomplish anything.

Alusine Kallon